Accoglienza Pellegrina


About us

Accoglienza Pellegrina works in close contact with Hospitaleros Voluntarios – Spain thus sharing its values. Before 2010, Italian pilgrims who loved the Camino and the hospitality model practised in the Spanish pilgrim hostels, went to Spain to attend courses for new hospitaleros. In 2010, Ana I. Barreda, the coordinator of Hospitaleros Voluntarios with her group of trainers accepted the proposal to hold a course in Italy, precisely at Monteriggioni.
Since then and until 2016, under the auspices of the Federación Española de Asociaciones de los Amigos del Camino de Santiago and Hospitaleros Voluntarios, a small group of Italian experienced hospitaleros, under the name of Hosvolitalia, started to organize courses in Italy with the support and presence of teachers from Spain. Since 2017, after gaining the necessary experience, the have been run independently by the Italian hospitaleros-trainers.
In 2013, the group of Italian volunteers changed its name from Hosvolitalia to Accoglienza Pellegrina and began its work on the Via Francigena, at the Casa del Pellegrino in Valpromaro.
In December 2021, the General Assembly decided to transform Accoglienza Pellegrina from an informal group into a formal association based at Valpromaro, and elected Angelo Pastura as its President. The president in turn nominated his associates to form the board of directors.

What makes us tick

Accoglienza Pellegrina, AP in short, is a non-profit association and carries out its activities “in the spirit of free volunteering, respecting the fundamental principles of democracy in practice and the principle of equality of individuals” (Articles of Association). AP adopts the principles and values of the Spanish group of Hospitaleros Voluntarios, adapting them to the Italian context. By dedicating themselves to welcoming pilgrims on spiritual caminos, AP members take on the title of hospitalero. AP does not manage pilgrim hostels itself, but collaborates in their management through its members, provided they meet the following requirements:
1. are run by non-profit organisations/bodies/associations;
2. practise a donation-based hospitality;
3. have an insurance policy covering the civil liability of the hospitaleros;
4. provide a suitable room for the use of volunteers and, if possible, a kitchen.

AP promotes the following training and information activities:

  • training courses for new hospitaleros
  • refresh courses for long-serving hospitaleros
  • study and research groups on specific subjects.

AP offers testimony to the cultural and spiritual values of the traditional hospitality and Camino, understood as an opportunity for personal development exchanging views with other parties involved in the same subject (associations, local and state authorities, religious structures, etc.), in the forms deemed appropriate from time to time.

AP has no financial resources and does not accept subsidies or funding from public or private bodies. AP does not opt either for a religious or political position, but is open to dialogue with other social, education and associative actors.
Facebook page and website are AP official communication channels.

Our Articles of Association

The General Assembly held in Pontremoli on 25 September 2021 approved the Articles of Association of Accoglienza Pellegrina.  Click on the button opposite to view the document in PDF format and download or print it.