Accoglienza Pellegrina
The donation-based hostels in Italy

The donation-based hostels in Italy

In 2024, Accoglienza Pellegrina will co-operate in welcoming pilgrims in the following hostels:


The HOSPITALE “DON FRANCESCO OTTAVIS”, via Marone 1, is located into the former parish house of the small village on the Via Francigena del Monginevro. In the past, the facility was used as a nursery for the children of the women who worked in the rice fields of the area. It can be reached from Chivasso railway station. Our service runs from April to October. Tel. 348.3585829


The HOSPITALE “SANCTI EUSEBI” is located into the historic centre of the city, in Vicolo degli Alciati, 4, in a restricted area. Our service runs from April to October, but the facility is open all year round. In 2016, the association Amici della Via Francigena di Vercelli (Friends of the Via Francigena in Vercelli) received from the bishop the building on a loan basis to set up a pilgrim hostel.  Some of the founding members of the association contacted AP, wishing to learn more about the principles of donation-based hospitality. Since then, a fruitful collaboration has been born that continues to this day. Tel. 334. 2386911


The CASA DEL PELLEGRINO – CASCINA TOLEDINA, run by the EXODUS Foundation, Via Cascina Toledina 3, just outside the town centre, open all year round. The Exodus Foundation runs numerous rehabilitation communities for people suffering from various addictions, enabling them to reintegrate into society. Currently, it accommodates young people between 15 and 18 years of age. The farm is located on the route of the Via Francigena. In 2015, the idea was born to use one of the wings to accommodate pilgrims. In the same year, the first course for hospitaleros was held for young people from the community. Since 2022, our hospitaleros have been on site from June to October, in contact with the young people who have recently taken part in a hospitaleros course specially designed for them. Tel. 320. 8135027


The CASA DEL PELLEGRINO “IL PANE E LA ROSA” Capanne, Via Fabbrica, in the centre of the village, on the camino. Open from April to October. Telephone. 353.4302.467. The hospital was originally a nursery run by nuns. The whole village, starting with the parish priest, has worked to transform it into a place where pilgrims are welcomed.


The CASA DEL PELLEGRINO “GIUSEPPE MANCINO” – Via Provinciale 15, in the centre of the small village, next to the church; open all year round; from April to October with the presence of the hospitaleros. Since 2013, the year we started our service, the hostel has been chosen as the “Casa Madre” of Accoglienza Pellegrina. From December 2021 it is the legal seat of the Association. In 2020, it was named after our deceased colleague Giuseppe Mancino, who, from 2016 to 2018, was the local AP contact person in charge of the hostel and the hospitaleros on duty. Tel. 0584.956028


The CENTRO CULTURALE  “MONS. LORENZO CRESTI”, ownership of Esecutori di Pie Disposizioni di Siena, is taken care by the Ponte d’Arbia Parish Council. It is located at Ponte d’Arbia, Via Cassia 3, at the exit of the village towards Buonconvento, and is open all year round. Our service runs from June to mid-September.  Tel. 327.7197439